About me

I first started teaching in 1978 as a biology and science teacher, having studied Environmental Science here in Melbourne Australia. Along the way I had 5 children (now aged from 27 to 19), went back to Uni and then began my career as an English and Literature teacher which I loved. I started to get involved with blogs and other web 2.0 tools and was excited as my teaching started to change to incorporate them. I learnt a lot and gained a large PLN for which I am very thankful. Two years ago I left teaching for part time work as a Professional Learning Officer at the Victorian Information Technology Teachers Association where I continue to expand my use of technology to enhance teaching. When I am not working at VITTA I am indulging in my love of organic gardening and permaculture. As English and Literature has always been in my blood I am a keen reader getting most of my books from the local library and maintaining a list at LibraryThing. At the moment I am excited to be getting to know my cousins in Holland through Skype, Facebook and other social networks and learning to improve my Dutch language skills through Livemocha before I go visit them in May 2011.

My children in 1994 (when they could still all be in one place:

My garden and my chooks:

Me when I first started teaching: