Friday, December 02, 2011

Some tweets worth thinking about

From the state of my twitter stream it seems there has been another great Conference happening, the Online Educa Berlin with the theme of New Learning Cultures. Joyce Seitzinger is there (aka catspyjamasnz) who has created a flurry of great tweets, as is Steve Wheeler who is having a great time with the  #pencilchat conversation on twitter (and both of whom I met in Melbourne recently).

Lots of names and ideas to follow up on. One name is Julie Wedgwood on the topic of curation. I was taken with this quote  "Learning happens where imaginations play" and questions such as "how do we record innovation, measure success, and communicate it effectively?" The tweets are in several different languages and the topics are broad ranging so there is a lot to think about.

And just to finish with: an example of #pencilchat from Joyce's blog:

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  1. I love the tweet you posted. It's constantly something I struggle with as a middle school teacher. Where do you draw the line between teaching method and teaching content? Thanks for your insights!