Tuesday, November 22, 2011

More professional learning

Today I joined a session on Tech Talk Tuesdays on what is needed to bring eLearning to the next level. There were interesting discussions both in the chat and via the microphone and I bookmarked some links to look at later. It was interesting to see a wiki from a kindergarten in Hong Kong which has been set up to show off the work that they have each been doing this year and to tell us how fantastic their school is.  

I also saved a link on Ideas for Linking Preservice Teachers Across the Globe which may be useful for others. 

The second experience I had today was that of following a link by Roland Gesthuizen to this video on thought leadership. There I was happy to see Mark Richardson, Helen Otway and Ray Nashar as well as others speak on the topic. After defining thought leadership there was a great discussion on how to advance this. Later Ray tweeted out a list of resources that he has found useful. I am particularly keen to look at the "the four-level approach to selecting, using, and evaluating technology in education that underlies Maine's "Roadmap to the 21st Century Classroom" and the TPCK and SAMR (the four level approach mentioned above) Models to Enhance Technology Integration. So much to learn.

Image from http://tpack.org/

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