Tuesday, November 29, 2011

K12 online conference 2011 is on now

The K-12 online conference is on again for 2011. At midnight tonight EDST in Australia, the session by Jess McCulloch on The Black Line Mystery – a story about the most complicated Chinese character known to mankind and its community – will be published.

Already published are several presentations from the first day (yesterday), including one by Anne Mirtschin on The world is my classroom. So great to see the Aussies here. The conference goes through to Tuesday 13 December at 1:00 PM EDST in Australia when there will be a live event, a discussion hosted in Blackboard Collaborate (formerly “Elluminate Live”) including conference keynote speakers and presenters.

What a great service this is as all the presentations are archived for viewing in the comfort of your own lounge room, from 2006 until the present.
Thanks so much to the conference organisers for this:

2011 Conference Organizers

I love the fact that the goal and core values for the conference are articulated, includes aspects such as Archiving, Non-commercial, Accessibility, Participation and Open Source and Free Tools.

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