Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Curation with Themeefy

Today I learned about Themeefy via Judy O'Connell. It is a presentation tool that lets you create a magazine out of weblinks, photos, notes and embedded videos on a topic. The resulting magazine can then be shared or embedded on a blog or wiki. I like it and think it would be a great way for students to demonstrate their knowledge on a topic. Each magazine has a front cover, table of contents, description and then several pages of content and bibliography. There is also a library several Themeefy magazine on various topics in different subject areas.

Joyce Valenza sees it as part of teaching student to curate information. Curating is an exciting way for learners to discover how to manage their learning by consciously selecting and aggregating a variety of media and resources, and Themeefy could be one tool among many to do just that.

It would also be as well to teach students about copyright at the same time as from a quick look at some of the examples uploaded in the library it would be easy to break copyright by not attributing the photos (at the end of each magazine published is a disclaimer by Themeefy with a statement that "The curator has compiled the content provided in this Magazine and is completely responsible for any copyright violations.") A great opportunity I would think.

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