Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adding a page

Wow, this was a difficult part of the challenge, but very necessary for me. Using blogger I had never considered a separate About me page as there was a brief profile of me on the page. But that was a blogger profile and when I changed it for one of my blogs it ended up on all them. Obviously not satisfactory. And just when I was wondering about all this comes this post from Anne. Now another dilemma, a much harder one. Who am I now? Who am I really? That took some time to write.

Some ideas I found helpful were fellow #ksyb participant Elaine Willis' list of blogs she's commented on. This has become a repository of interesting reading and I have taken it on as well. Elaine got the idea from Hadley Ferguson who says: "I have created a page to keep track of the blogs that I comment on. I will update it each time I leave a comment. Come and join the conversation. Let’s get to know one another!"

Other useful posts were this one (I used some of these ideas to tweek my About page after I'd written it) and Britt Gow's great post which I also used.

Like Paula Naugle I had to learn how to add pages to my blogger template. Also like Paula I had to change my template which I have had for over 5 years - guess it was time for a change, huh?

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Jo. It becomes a little confusing navigating all the different blogging platforms doesn't it? I started with a blogger account, but only really started using blogs regularly with Globalteacher - maybe that was due to Anne Mirtschin's great support?
    I sm really enjoying participating in the Teacher's Blogging Challenge and the 365 .Photo a Day project - I'm so glad it is holidays, so that I have the time to browse other people's blog posts and photos.