Thursday, June 03, 2010

Certificate of Emerging Technologies

At the moment I am sitting in a class put on by VITTA and John Pearce called the Certificate of Emerging Technologies, learning about Copyright, Ethics and ICT. It is a four week course and will probably be repeated next semester. It is having a really interesting effect on me. When I first learnt about the interactive aspects of the internet in 2005 I jumped into blogging and listening to podcasts and interacting with both feet. Then life took over. I got too busy and started skimming blogs, twittering instead of blogging and letting my flickr page just sit there. With John's enthusiasm I am finding that I have been missing what I loved before. John has set up a wiki for the class with lots of links and tutorials and information. I love the development of cameraderie in a group when the PD goes over a period of time, and I love learning about new things. At the moment we are using PiratePad to collaborate, writing in the same space together. Will keep you all updated as we go.


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  3. Jo, I'm glad to see that you are deciding to get back in the blogging saddle. I find blogging is not and frenetic and fast paced as twitter, and I need the time and space to unpack ideas via my posts. We need more Aussie edubloggers and more individual edubloggers overall. I find a lot of the policy blogs and group blogs to be quite tiresome while individual blogs have a personality and flavour that keeps me connected. Love to read more about your current role, opinions on what's happening around this big brown land of ours. Don't leave it so long between posts - this year in particular I can relate to life getting in the way!

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