Monday, October 26, 2009

Great collaborative podcast

Loving listening to the Spark podcast out of Canada. It is hosted by the mellifluous Nora Young, and she makes it engaging and inclusive. The website describes it as a "blog, radio show, podcast and an ongoing conversation about technology and culture. Spark is an online collaboration." She invites listeners to "leave your thoughts, stories, and ideas here, and together we'll make a radio show." I first heard about it on another podcast (I think it was the Edtech Posse) and after I gave it a listen I was hooked. Through this podcast I have learned about all sorts of things like spin gardening, "a do-it-yourself vegetable food production system that enables you to grow a steady and dependable supply of vegetables", open and accessible government data and what we can do with it, why we use a qwerty keyboard and so many other interesting things about society and design. I look forward to the weekly shows and have listened to most of the back episodes as well. It is very refreshing. Also love the various shows that come out of the Edtech Talk group, especially Edtech Weekly. Hi Jennifer, John, Dave and Jeff! Do you have some favourite podcasts that make your life better too?

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  1. Hello Jo. Dan Misener from Spark here. Thanks so much for the kind words and the link!

  2. Making data dance: Here is an Australian mashup competition for open and accessible government data and what you can do with it via