Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This being a Wednesday night, I thought I’d write a post, as I do every Wednesday evening. No, only joking. The last day of the year invites reflection, so reflect I will. For me the year started off with mixed feelings. I was excited anticipating trips overseas (2) and also apprehensive about difficulties that I could foresee in my workplace in the year ahead. Even so, I had no idea that I would be leaving my school of eight years ready to start afresh at a school less than three years old in 2009. The friendships and learning occurring in the communities that I am part of namely Twitter and Plurk are the highlights of the year. When it became clear that I would need to look for another job there was lots of useful advice and support from the group, which really helped in my search.

And in 2009? I am looking forward to getting started on my new job, getting to know new students and colleagues and making new opportunities. I loved going to NECC so much that I will be going to Washington to do it all again. I will be starting on my last year of study for my Master of Education. My youngest child will be starting his last year of school education, meaning that I have had children in school for more than 20 years. (My first started school in 1988.) Having the time off this term (I have had 3 months Long Service Leave) has been a real privilege, giving me lots of time to think and read and hang around social networking sites. It makes me feel very hopeful about 2009, and when I lift my gaze from my own life and concerns I think that there are grounds for hope amid tragedy and suffering around the globe as well. I wish all my readers a safe and happy New Year.

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