Friday, December 19, 2008

Bookjewel and me

In 2009 Julie Squires and I have a unique opportunity to have our classes collaborate as we are working for sister schools (My school came into being after having spent a year in her school). We got together today to chat about it. I have been following Julie for some time on twitter and plurk but I didn't realise quite how much she has to teach me and how much we will learn together. She is an "ideas person" and I can see that both lots of students will benefit greatly from being able to collaborate. Julie is an English teacher-librarian and author of Learning Gems, and I became more and more aware as we talked that she and I have a lot in common. One of the ideas we have of a project (there were so many flying back and forth) was a collaborative literature circles group. It was great to meet with her and i look forward to working with her in 2009.


  1. Oh wow that is simply amazing, congratulations to the both of you and hope everything goes well
    Bridget Larsen
    Canberra Australia

  2. It was great to swap ideas with someone on the same page, Jo! Lovely to meet you face-to face. Isn't it amazing how natural it seems to meet someone you 'know' online? Looking forward to developing our project for 2009