Wednesday, October 22, 2008

List of twitter resources uncovered during recent bout with research

A collection of narratives about how Twitter has allowed successful collaboration

Five resources for how to use Twitter in education for both secondary school and higher education
Twitter for academia
by David Hussein Parry
Twitter a teaching and learning tool by Tom Barrett
The twittering teacher
by John from Western New York
Explaining the value of microblogging and twitter for educators by Wes Fryer
Twitter as a tool of cognitive apprenticeship by Jared Stein
Why twitter is important for education by Jennifer Jones

Two resources elaborating on style and etiquette as well as the conventions used in Twitter
How conventions are established
Twitter Style Guide

Two lists of educators from all sectors classified according to area of work
Twitter for teachers

Plurk for educators


  1. Great resources! Thanks for sharing them. I always thought of Twitter as being just a casual place to chitchat. Looks like I've got a lot to learn about Twittering!

  2. Thanks, Jo,
    I see I have a great deal to learn about Twitter. I'll start with the interesting resources you have provided.
    Like Stacy, I also connected Twitter with social chatting and didn't explore the professional potential.

  3. Anonymous3:00 am

    this is a very interesting blog, I was just browsing and happend upon it. cool resources and I may very possibly be back!

  4. Have you seen - a wonderful microblogging site especially set up for an educational context.

  5. Thanks for the resources. I really didn't realize the value Twitter possesses for classroom teaching. Your resources have been very helpful in allowing me to get a grasp on the tool. It's nice to see that tools like this have such great potential for professional use as well as social.

  6. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for the link to "twitter for academia" and "twitter a teaching and learning tool". I have been wondering how twitter can be used within the educational setting. I have seen it used in many not so useful ways- this puts it in a whole new light. Please keep it coming!

  7. thanks you for sharing all these resources! god bless!