Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Can't wait to to read what the students write tomorrow

This is the work for my Year 10 class tomorrow. I am so looking forward to what they have to say. There were some negative thoughts at first, along the lines of, "who would want to read what a bunch of Year 10s write?" I hope they will feel proud of what they've done. It certainly turned out better than I expected it would, and of course that is partly due to the influence of Pat Hensley aka Loonyhiker from twitter and plurk, whose thoughtful intelligent contibutions and answers to questions really made the students know that I was not the only one interested in their work.

The Year 10 Study Guide on The Secret Life of Bees

Have a look at each page of the study guide. Would you be surprised that between you, you have written 3728 words?

Check all the links. Did you put an internal link on the page you were responsible for?

Did you learn something new this morning while you were looking at the work that the students in 10a and 10g did?

In a thoughtful blog entry I would like you to write about the process of making the study guide.

· Did you learn more about the book than you expected to?
· Did you learn other interesting things?
· Was there anything you particularly enjoyed about doing it?
· Was there anything you didn’t like about doing it?
· Any other comments?


  1. Wonderful post.
    You have really set the foundation for a fantastic experience and intellectual endeavor for these students.
    Have you thought about skyping (or some other thingy) Pat into class?

  2. Great post, Jo. Please congratulate your Year 10 students on their wiki efforts. Very impressive work.

    I plan to read the novel and possibly recommend it at my school for next year.

  3. Great Post Jo,
    I plan to read the novel now. I have been starved of a good read for a little while now. I cannot wait to see your students work on the wiki.

  4. Very good post. Nice wiki. Well, you can tell them someone out in New York cared. Thanks for the links. Have a great year.

  5. you're so excited. hehe