Saturday, July 19, 2008

School of Life

This would be a great film to teach students about irony, to have them think about life lessons and how we learn them, and to do a What Happens Next writing prompt.
Thanks to Lauren O'Grady for the link


  1. That's a sad commentary on life. It would be interesting to have students remake the movie with their own idea of life. Oh the possibilities.

  2. I agree with Lisa ... I would love to see a remix of this video ... same life lesson theme but their own spin. Great film!

  3. Wow. I was on the edge of my seat. So: Writing prompts for after viewing:
    *What happens next
    *What is your remake
    *Same type of idea, but other life lessons
    *What if...(i.e. he cut class instead)
    *Also, literary elements-how to illustrate them: forshadowing, symbolism, imagery, point of view, etc.

    What an excellent example! Thanks, Jo! I'll share it with my HS teachers!

  4. Hi Jo,
    Great movie and idea for discussion. Elearningnews posted this on twitter - had no idea the link would take me to you!

  5. Great video. As previous commentators have said, lots of possibilities here. As a teacher in training getting ready to begin student teaching in the fall, I wonder how my students' commentary on life will fall in with this one.

  6. I feel that it is always a shame when children learn these "life lessons." Why do these lessons always have to be negative? If I were to show this video to my class, I would want them to talk about not only the negative life lessons they have learned, but the positive ones as well, as these are the ones we want to be remembered.

    I agree with Nancy though. I want to know where my students heads are. What are they thinking after this? How do they feel? And inevitably, what do they think should happen next?

    - Elle.