Thursday, June 05, 2008

IWBs in secondary classrooms: Where is the Interaction?

Thought provoking slideshare by jasondenys which I found through a new group I joined in Diigo IWB-Pedagogy set up by Lauren O'Grady. This is a group set up "to discuss, collaborate and share IWB pedagogical research, resources and projects."


  1. I found this slideshow when langwitches bookmarked my latest effort and was also taken by it. I particularly liked the parts that tried to define what "interactive" means - and how that term is much more than having students touch and use a board.

  2. Thanks, Jo. I hadn't seen this before. It addresses an issue that I have thought about a lot and have struggled with in my own classes: How do we avoid just doing the same old things with new tools?

  3. Hi Jo... guess who!? It's taken me a while, but I have finally returned to the post page of my blog... not to say I haven't been working on my blog... just not on the post page! Now I have a new blog as well - linked to the old one & dedicated to the art stuff:
    Have a great long weekend... see you Tuesday...

  4. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Hi Jo,

    Thanks for this presentation. I have been using the IWBs for 1.5 years now and have been struggling with trying to make it more 'interactive'. Your slideshare made me realise that we ARE using it interactively in our classroom. My students interact with the pictures and the information presented to them through the IWB and this generates much discussion and thought within our lessons. They don't always have to have the pen in their hand to be 'interacting' with our IWB!

    What a wonderful technology!

  5. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Thanks for the visual examples on using IWBs interactively. It really heightens the potential power of the whiteboard as a teaching tool if used in the right way.

  6. Thanks for sharing this slide show. I think it is important to realise that its not the tools themselves that provide the interaction its what you do with them thats important.

  7. Thanks for the positive feedback on my slideshow :) You can see my blog at Teachr 2.0

  8. Anonymous9:26 pm

    Many issues visited in the slideshow re the IWB or as I sometimes call it the digital chalkboard. Like the chalkboard users will get better & better at it & finally it will be overtaken by something else. With the rate of change in the 21st century I don't think it will survive as long as the chalkboard but the concept of combining text,imagery & sound on a board has certainly upped the ante for teachers and however you define interaction the IWB is more engaging than a chalkboard so therefore a better teaching tool.