Monday, May 26, 2008

XO Laptop and people I met

On Saturday 24th May I attended the ICTEV conference in Melbourne (as I did last year). This year my experience was enriched by meeting so many online friends f2f. One highlight was meeting the Edtech Crew , Darrel and Tony, whose podcasts I have so much enjoyed listening to. They were podcasting from the conference as well as you can see from the photo. Tony Richards is holding an XO laptop belonging to Daniel Stefyn, who along with Roland Gesthuizen was giving a series of workshops about the OLPC. I heard about the new projected $75 laptop called the XOXO which was mentioned by Dave Cormier in the Edtech Weekly podcast "a completely new redesign - a tablet PC folded in half." Seeing the XO was exciting and seeing what it could do was amazing, especially the connectivity.

I went to a workshop on Google given by Greg Gebhart which was most interesting given that I will be visiting Google headquarters in San Francisco in just under a month. Learnt some cool things and played with google maps. It was great to hear that Greg has had a rethink about the educational uses of twitter after seeing it used as a backchannel in his workshop. Margaret Meijers gave the keynote lecture and she was inspiring, but I did wonder if more benefit could have been had if the keynote had been ustreamed. Maybe that's something for the Conference committee to think about for next year.

Daniel Stefyn at ICTEV with his XO laptop

Darrel Branson and Tony Richards podcasting at ICTEV

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  1. Hi Jo,
    It was great to meet you and to talk to everybody face to face and discuss ideas and talk about Ed Tech. Tony will be putting out all of the interviews from participants from the ICTEV conference later this week.