Monday, May 12, 2008

Re-Imagining Web 2.0 applications and implications

I tried live blogging - and felt the results were less than awesome. I tried ustreaming and wasn't sure that I know how to do it to get te best results, but now I want to reflect on the day as a whole. It was certainly enough to get us all excited again. Will Richardson spoke with his usal passion and thoughtfulness. My colleague felt that the enthusiasm for web 2.0 is definitely contagious, and then you have to be part of the real world where access and equity are real issues.

But there were lots of suggestions about how to get people to look at the changing pedagogies that go along with the use of web 2.o (see bookjewel's reflections here and Jenny Luca's reflections here). What really struck my colleague was the emphasis that the speakers placed on conversation. The podcasts of the talks as well as the presentations designed by the speakers are going to be made available soon for your viewing pleasure. The best part of the day was meeting so many of my personal learning network, the synapses in my outboard brain and how close I felt to people I had only known in a virtual way before. One really good piece was the presentation by Cecilie Murray on the results of studies on safety on the internet and gender and the use of ICT. She reported that studies in both Australia and the UK showed that girls were using the internet especially for content creation. The emphasis on the students was also noticeable although I did notice as an absence that that was no participation by students. I feel that I have not had a complete presentation on education nowadays unless I have heard directly from a school age student like the students of youth twitter or the students of school 2.0. I took lots of notes that will influence my blogging in the next little while. Altogether it was a most worthwhile day and the results will become clearer as we go along.


  1. It was good to meet up with you again yesterday Jo. Great day.

  2. I love this blog, thanks for sharing.
    - George Ya76oo

  3. Good post Jo - it's been a highlight meeting you this week. Thanks for being so helpful.
    Jenny Luca.