Thursday, May 15, 2008

Melbourne Bloggers Feast

Here we are at our first Bloggers Feast. We ended up with ten people there and I think, we really impressed the wait staff (standing) with all our tech gadgets which came out as the evening progressed. As you can see it's still early in the evening. In this picture we can see Lauren O'Grady, Helen Otway, Tony Richards, Howard Errey, John Pearce and organiser extraordinaire Sue Tapp. Just want to say thanks to Sue Tapp who organised it and to everyone for coming. Tony Richards from IT Made Simple who recorded several of the conversations he had with participants for his podcast Ed Tech Crew. Lauren O'Grady also has blogged about something we discussed on the night, the sessions she had with Marco Torres during the day. Worth a look.

Below: Helen Otway (front right) and John Pearce (front left)

Below: Al Upton and Jenny Luca

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  1. I bet you had a fantastic night. It's great to see the blogging world coming together.

  2. SoulCradler5:41 pm

    Jo, it looks like great fun was had by all there - I wish I'd been able to join in!

  3. Hi Jo,
    This was very much a highlight to my week. So much fun to meet people f2f and to learn more about them and from them.

  4. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I like the pic of alun and jenny l

  5. james webber4:57 pm

    I like the pic
    sorry was from me!