Monday, May 12, 2008

Live blogging from SLAV Conference

Jenny and Susan are here at the SLAV (School Library Association of Victoria) Conference presenting to an audience of teachers and librarians and teacher-librarians. Jenny is talking about using Slide Rocket as a presentation tool now in beta. The direction her life has taken has changed since learning about and learning with web 2.0 tools which enable conversations to happen which would otherwise not be possible. It has been great to meet a number of my Personal Learning Network here today Jess, Anne, John, as well as Jenny .


  1. It's been great meeting you f2f today Jo. So glad the presentation is over - I think it went well but it's hard to judge for yourself!!

  2. SoulCradler6:11 pm

    Sounds like a great day - would have been nice to meet some of those 'virtual' people (and to catch up with the ones I know F2F).

  3. Hi Jo, it was great meeting you f2f as well and my other virtual friends. However, I missed meeting bookjewel but she uses an avatar for online work. Guess we look different as well, cos I know I only use my best photo and that was actually taken 4 years ago now!!!