Thursday, April 10, 2008

Travels with my PC

Even though I am travelling and even though I have had a serious eye condition while travelling (necessitating hospital visits in Norway and Holland) I am still trying to keep up with my Masters in Education course (ICT in Education). While checking out one of the readings in preparation for an essay on "the potential and problems associated with the use of the Internet in Education and how the maximum potential could be achieved in this area," I came across this site, via the Oz-Teachernet site which “has been working with and for teachers since 1995. It is a non-profit community service managed and maintained by academics at the Queensland University of Technology.“ The site is The Fifth Dimension Community and describes itself thus:

The 5DLAByrinth is an Internet-based gamelike environment which is constructed as a labyrinth (maze). The idea of the virtual maze is modelled on the psychical maze present in 5D-sites. The 5DLAByrinth can have 3-6 rooms in which a group of pupils together complete a task, a so called Mission, which comprises several different tasks. The pupils must investigate, create, communicate and cooperate in order to complete their Mission. The purpose of the 5DLAByrinth is to give students the opportunity to work as a team and to communicate, collaborate, learn and at the same have fun.

I have been interested in global collaboration for a while and one of the bnefits of travelling has been to make a contact in Sweden where our Year 11 students in Australia will be working together with similar age students there. While I have been travelling I have been trying out an ASUS eee pc which has been ideal for the purpose. Even the Linux hasn't been too hard to learn as I have had no option. There is a good review here via Paul Harrington, but overall I have to say it is excellent, quick and light and easy to use.


  1. Jo, I was sorry to hear of your eye problems. I hope it is nothing that will cause you permanent problems.

    I am happy to hear you are trying the ASUS with Linux. I have run a number of different kinds of Linux, and I have never found to to be too tricky. Maybe you'll decide you like it too much to go back to Windows!

  2. Yep I know I should be focused on the link you provided but I just wanted make sure you are okay? I was sad to read that you are having problems with your eyes but hope you are really enjoying yourself. Look forward to hearing all about your eeePC and what you've like/not liked.

  3. are you checking your email? maybe i have the wrong address. tell dad to check his gmail account, i'm afraid there is bad news.

  4. Thank you Nancy and Sue for your kind comments.
    To Lilly I just want to say that a bingle in Dad's car while you're parking it is not "bad news I'm afraid"!!!! When we're o/s don't scare me like that. Thanks for your offer to pay for the damage.

  5. Jo, thanks for allaying our concerns about the "bad news", too! I was worried.

  6. Hi Joe
    Fantastic to hear that you are travelling, but I too am sorry to hear about your eye problems. Haven't checked your blog for ages so haven't been abreast of what you're up to. Needless to say, it sounds brilliant. Re collaborative learning, and all sorts of other inspirational stuff, for all sorts of reasons, have you come across this Randy Pausch lecture:
    ? Cheers. Fraudulent teacher.

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