Sunday, March 16, 2008

New (Web 2.0) ways with Shakespeare

A colleague and collaborator from the US, Chris Shamburg recently told me of an exciting new adventure he is involved with: the Folger Shakespeare Library has published a video of Chris explaining an audio workshop with Shakespeare. A group of high school students studying Macbeth create original audio drama, using as Chris says, "the material of others in original and creative way," taking into account the ethics of using such material. The video goes for about 5 minutes and on the site there is also a PDF tutorial and other examples, as well as links to sound effects. The students are seen talking about this way of studying Shakespeare and we can see their engagement with the material. I can imagine this working well for other Shakespeare plays and able to adapted for poetry also. This will suit teachers who have a "willingness to give up more control to the students", as students in their lives outside school are both consuming and creating media.

Chris is also the author of a new book to be published by ISTE called English Language Arts Units for Grades 9 to 12, to which I contributed a chapter. The book contains
"examples of these units include fanfiction and creative writing, teaching Shakespeare with film and images, using blogs and social bookmarking to facilitate independent reading projects, podcasting for a variety of purposes, and creating and sharing digital video safely and meaningfully."
I can't wait to meet Chris at NECC and to see myself in print.

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  1. yes, congrats on the chapter Jo. the book sounds interesting.

    you're a regular source of inspiration jo.