Monday, March 10, 2008

International Edubloggers Directory

I have just spent a happy hour (or more) browsing this wonderful resource: The International Edubloggers Directory. I saw many of my friends there: Stephanie Sandifer, Darren Draper, Stephen Downes, Julie Lindsay and our famous student blogger Arthus, among many others. But it was the people I had not heard of that really caught my attention. There is material for reading there for weeks. Not many students though. The gender split (for those interested) is 40% female, 60% male. Why am I not surprised? The range of countries represented was also interesting,
USA - 44%
UK - 23%
Canada - 8%
Australia - 3%
Ireland- 3%
New Zealand - 2%
Thailand - 2%
Belgium - 2%
Japan - 2%
Mexico - 2%
Netherlands - 2%
Bulgaria - 1%
Cayman Islands - 1%
China - 1%
Hong Kong - 1%
Indonesia - 1%
Malaysia - 1%
Morocco - 1%
Qatar - 1%
Romania - 1%
Singapore - 1%
Spain - 1%
Uruguay - 1%

I was interested in some edubloggers from the Netherlands as I will be travelling there in a few weeks and want to get my language, now rusty, up to speed. I am hoping to visit some schools in Holland while I am there so if anyone has any contacts with Dutch educators I would be very happy to hear from you. The Directory which was launched in January 2008 already has 140 members and was set up by Patricia Donaghy from Ireland. If you are an edublogger add yourself here. The more the merrier.

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  1. Thanks Jo - saw your tweet and added myself as well. Thanks for the alert to this.
    Jenny Luca.