Sunday, March 09, 2008

Encountering Conflict Network Ning

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In my capacity as Professional Development committee member of VATE I have just started an Encountering Conflict Network Ning which brings together teachers in Victoria who are teaching Year 12 English. The new study design being implemented this year has an Area of Study called Creating and Presenting. This area of study is divided into four Contexts out of which students write to various audiences and purposes out of a study of two set texts in the Context. Read more here. At my school the students are studying The Secret River by Kate Grenville and The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The idea of a social networking site to bring together teachers in a teaching and learning community was too good to pass up. Looking forward to seeing how it works. Of course, I want to use all the modes available to me so some of the teachers will be meeting face to face as well this week, but I hope the Ning will take off as well. And who knows, with any luck it could become a useful resource for students as well. I love the idea that we are all learners and we are all teachers as well. And maybe we all will gain some ideas about how to usefully "encounter conflict" and how to not let it destroy us.


  1. What a superb idea Jo! I do hope it takes off, and becomes a model for many other states to follow. This is also the sort of thing Edna trys to foster. I wonder how your ning will compare to an equivalent in MyEdna terms - I'm in favour of the public access model for information sharing. Good luck with the venture.

  2. Great idea Jo. I'll send this page to the Yr 12 teachers at my school and encourage them to check it out. Good on you for having a go at introducing new ideas that will work well once people gain an understanding of what they are.

  3. Anonymous10:33 pm

    as a year 12 student, my peers and i are finding this area of study particularly challenging. we were asked to write a written response on the 'inevitability of human conflict'. this area is so broad that we are writing with no aim. in my opinion, for our teachers to set us this topic, they are not even sure what the criteria requires. teachers should be laying down foundations for a building that their students can easily construct, rather than serving us an empty block of land and a pile of twigs.

    help each other out, because it will reflect the marks your students receive!

  4. Anonymous7:19 pm

    OH MY GOD!
    I completely agree with "anonymous".
    This context is very challenging, and teachers are not exactly specifying what is required from us in a response to a quote.
    There is quite a broad area, therefore we need a bit of direction. I'm currently needing to write a response to "conflict is born of ignorance, intolerance and fear" and draw from the Secret River.
    I am finding this extremely hard, i barely know what to write.