Monday, February 25, 2008

Another twitter collaboration across the Tasman

NZChrissy tells us about TokBox this morning and by tonight we're testing it out - not Chrissy when I was on, but Simon Brown from Queensland (aka Skytrystjoy on Twitter, Dean Groom from Sydney, Joyce (aka catpyjamasnz from New Zealand, Sue Tap (aka sujokat) and me from Melbourne and Amanda S (aka heymilly) from New Zealand. It was fun trying out different settings, working out what happened when you clicked this or that button and as Dean said: "that was different - random strangers on the video call - thanks, good fun". It's all learning and I like it. Thanks for getting that together, Sue! Here is a photo that Simon took at some stage during the experimentation. Thanks Simon. Nice to see you, nice to see you all.


  1. Thanks, Jo - Tokbox is great for those who choose not to text. The video mail tab is quick and easy way to get your message across.

    I've embedded a Tokbox widget in my Facebook profile so I can video mail directly from my profile page. Looks like maximum six participants in a conference.

    Thank for alerting me via Twitter. Because I hadn't logged in to Tokbox when I clicked on the URL you Tweeted, my username was set as "Guest" until I did so.

    BTW it's serves me right for choosing a difficult avatar...

  2. Thanks for the information on this application, Jo. Can't seem to get the audio to work yet, but I like the possibilities.