Thursday, January 10, 2008

It really makes you think

It's just been an amazing time with all the social networking that is available to me now that I have time to be involved. I know I'm late to this but I was just blown away by Yugma on Wednesday with Cathy Evanoff Making Connections on the Edtech Talk site. This is some information about the show:
Making Connections is a group of educators helping each other understand new ways to integrate technology into the daily lives of teachers and students as well as creating contacts so our classrooms can connect to one another. The show is hosted by Cathy Evanoff from eastern North Carolina along with interaction from regular visitors.

Cathy used Yugma to show her desktop as she explored a site called Greenbush Labs about Edusim, where teachers can build 3D interactive whiteboard lessons. But that's not the important part; what blew me away was the fact that I heard Cathy talk us through her exploration of the site while watching her do it on my screen. It was like I was looking over her shoulder while she was doing this. It made me think about what we are able to experience now with web 2.0 technologies. Just like a hearing aid extends the sense of hearing and binoculars extend the sense of sight, so these technologies extend the way we can be human in the world. It extends the person without regard to time or space. It feels like magic (even though it can be explained scientifically). No wonder people are afraid of this potential. No wonder there are questions of terminology, of what we should call this new power. It really is "awesome".
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  1. i felt the same way as you do about Yugma when i first discovered it. i find it absolutely amazing how efficient meetings and training have become for my company! if you haven't already, i strongly suggest checking out their skype version (you can get rid of the phone and speak through skype on your computer!) it's here:

    good luck!

  2. Thank you for this post. What a loaded wealth of great links. First, I agree, Yugma is an amazing tool and you can't beat the cost. Second, the links to Edusim3d opened a new world for me (literally).

  3. Yugma gave me a Sponsored Premium Account just by being a blogger and asking for it. A Premium Account for free for one year! (a $99.95 value) Can't beat it! Here are the details if you are interested! Just Blog about them and they will swap links and point back to you. It's crazy


  4. I received the free account, but haven't had time to use it yet. The one nice thing about summer is being able to have time to explore. I look forward to seeing what else you find over your summer holidays.

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