Saturday, January 26, 2008

An Aussie Podcast

Just recently I found out from my Twitter network (where else) about the Edtech Crew an Aussie podcast which I've been enjoying listening to. This is made by two guys Darrel Branson, (a.k.a. The ICT Guy), and Tony Richards from Learning - Thinking - Playing. From them I have learnt about a number of new things, including the proceedings of a conference called Powerful Elearning which I'm looking forward to exploring. So that's been great.

And then tonight, after a week which has seen my return to school after five weeks of holidays, I get a tweet from my blogging buddy and twitter friend Sue Tapp. (Sue and I are delighted to be travelling to NECC together in June.) Sue was inviting me to try out Yugma, so we did. Using Skype and skype chat as well as Yugma and twitter Sue, Allison Miller and I shared our desktops to show each other tools we are using such as Jing, Cool Iris and Answertips. It was fun. But we have decided that we really should look at the tutorial before our next experiment.

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  1. Thanks for the impetus to actually have a look at Yugma- I have heard people talking about it- now I want to dabble my feet in the water.

    Allanah K

  2. Thank you Jo & Sue for inviting me to be a part of your session in Yugma last night.

    You ladies are truly wonderful examples of how teachers should be using their 'risk learning' skills to just hop right in there and have a go.

    I find I'm much more likely to learn from this 'trial & error' approach.

    Looking forward to the next time we 'play' session.

    Allison Miller
    Adelaide, South Australia

  3. Hi Jo

    I like you posts. They are always full of useful bits of information and good links. This is no exception.

    Thanks for being such a steady presence in the online education community.

    Russel Montgomery

  4. Thanks for the link to great blogs (Tony's and Darrel's). I found lots of interesting things on both blogs and have added them to my feeds.

  5. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the plug for the podcast and blogs - we have a ball trying to put these together and really enjoy sharing ideas, sites and software.