Monday, June 11, 2007

Doings in the edublogosphere

You can tell it’s holidays in the other side of the blogosphere. There are people travelling, through words, or in cars, exploring their own country or other countries. There are people being creative and reflective. There are people enjoying summer and growing up. But here in Oz, it’s still work time for another few weeks and, not that we’re complaining, it’s raining and cold. We need the rain, perhaps just not so much all at once. It’s good to be inside, warm and marking papers, boxes of them and exams, reams of them and getting up to date on our record keeping. I shouldn’t say it but, columns of them. Still, there is time to explore the doings in the edublogosphere, and through Twitter I found Facebook, joined and found all sorts of friends on there as well as two family members. Found Judy O’Connell and lots of others. It feels like home. There's lots more I want to write but it will have to wait till another time.
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