Saturday, December 08, 2007

Students 2.0

There I was, not posting very much and not on twitter very much either, and all of a sudden there is a new website to follow: Students 2.0. Here is the blurb:

"Administered, designed, edited, and written by a global mix of students of varying ages, interests, voices, and points of view, Students 2.0 will feature content written by both staff writers and guest contributors. From Hawaii and Washington, from St. Louis and Chicago, from Vermont, New York, Scotland, Korea, and other points on the globe, these writings will be united in one central aspect: quality student writing, full-voiced and engaging, about education."

Should be very interesting. I especially like the video, which gives an overview of some of the students who will be posting, many of whom I've met through their blogs in the last twelve months. If you haven't already go on over and have a look. I really hope some of the committed student bloggers from my school may want to be involved in 2008. Thanks to Dianne Cordell who gave me the heads up


  1. Hey! I'm one of the student bloggers. Thanks so much for supporting us.

  2. Thanks for your support! The network has mobilized to support our authentic student voice.

    P.S. Want more updates? Subscribe to our Twitter:

  3. thanks for supporting our new blog!

    Sean, The Bass Player

  4. What a great site! I would like to see an Australian student voice there!