Sunday, November 04, 2007

A story in Voicethread

Recently, I thought I'd have a go at trying out Voicethread, inspired by Rachel Fryer, I thought how hard could it be. But I'm afraid I don't have that charming naturalness that a three year old can muster. But I know that reflecting on learning means that the product in process is also valued. Anyway here it is. I decded to make for first Voicethread about my trip to China in April this year to a workshop for the Middle Years Program of the IBO. I am going to show it to my Year 7 class to let them see that preparation of a script can be useful. I was also inspired by Chris Betcher and his first try.


  1. Thanks Jo for this.

    The techie emailed me and told me that voicethread works at school now. I have yet to test it. here's hoping.

    And... thanks for your encouragement. It is great to know that there are other Aussies out there doing the hard pioneering work.

  2. Jo,

    I'm not sure how much our school network will allow, but I hope to use Voicethread in my current events class.

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. Anonymous6:34 pm

    Well done Jo...Home movies into cyberspace! It must have taken some practice to achieve this, and you have succeeded in presenting a great snapshot of your experiences.


    Peter K.

  4. This is very interesting and would work really well for something like this. I am not sure how much use I could get out of this project but is something I will always have in mind when I go on a trip and want to show people about it!

  5. I really enjoyed this. This is something i am interested in. People could learn so much this way about different cultures! I really like this, way to go!

  6. Voicethread is a neat program. Our school doesn't have it, but could always use it for a useful activity or project at school or anywhere on your own.

  7. I think this program would be great and I wish I had a chance to us this program. I think this program could be very useful!!

  8. Thank you to all who commented. I like what Krunch says that it doesn't just have to limited to school use. Since it is free, if you have photos and a story to tell, you could use it anytime.

  9. Since I had never seen any programs such as Voicethread, I was very impressed with the effectiveness of it. It is the next best thing to video and it made still life pictures much more exciting by bringing the photographers perspectives and experiences to life. It is also great for hearing others opinions and input on pictures