Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Some interesting Aussie edubloggers

I subscribe to the changes on the Directory of Australian Edubloggers and so get alerted to those who have signed up. It made me think that I haven't shared the gems I have been discovering, so I would like to highlight some. In no particular order they are:

Karen Mann at Web2 Wanderings who is "an accountant who decided to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a teacher." She is from New South Wales and is completing a Masters in Education and is also a member of Classroom 2.0.

Then there is Westley Field at Skoolaborate. He is from Sydney in New South Wales and his site is a "Virtual Island, Blog and Wiki that allows innovative, creative, cutting edge schools to collaborate with like minded schools world wide" in Teen Second Life. He also writes at iThought.

Roland Gesthuizen, who maintains Plakboek, is a "Learning Technology Coordinator and IT Teacher who works to support a range of ICT initiatives and leads a team of highly motivated and talented computer support staff." Lots of info and reflection here.

Linda Shardlow is a maths teacher at a secondary school in Melbourne who writes at First Person, Second Hand, Third Dimension, where she reflects on lots of PD she attends. She is "interested in discussing and reflecting on curriculum approaches to the teaching of mathematics, my own practice and that of others in order to provide learning experiences that engender authentic thinking and deep understanding of concepts in my students."

Kylie Willison has an interesting perspective as: she "teach(es) basic IT and office skills adult education classes using Ubuntu Linux... work(s) for Teen Challenge as well as running (her) own training business and home schooling (her) teenage daughter. She writes at Blog blog blog and is from South Australia.

I will definitely highlight others in the next few posts but these are some I would like to introduce to some of my blogging network who are not already familiar with them


  1. I met Kylie from Blog,Blog,Blog at a Linux Conference a few years ago, and she is a great person! Very into education and technology but also very selfless in her work to train and help other people!

  2. (blush) and here I was .. reading your blog! Thank you for the compliment and can I return one for all you have written this year. :-)