Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I love Twitter

I love Twitter. Through this manifestation of my Learning Network I find out about new blogs, what people are learning about, reflecting and doing. I hear about ideas that are being formed, presentations that are coming together and live interactive events round the globe I can be involved in. The network never sleeps (although parts of it are taking their rest all the time). People ask for help, for feedback and for comments for their students as they are finding their writers' voice. Last night (my time) I heard from Vicki Davis that some of her students were blogging. I went and had a look and was most impressed. Today I showed one of them to some in my Year 7 class (most of the class was working on their Voicethreads, but a small group were blogging). And now Miranda has made a post in response to the students at Movieworms. I love the network.

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  1. Hey Jo, check out this website I found serendipitously at Illustration Friday, by a guy who is both an illustrator and writer...http://the0phrastus.typepad.com/the0phrastus/saturday-morning-writing-club.html Contains some great ideas for the Writers' Group... check it out!