Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Awe inspiring people really

Having had a day off for Melbourne Cup day I have been enjoying catching up with reading blogs and twittering. I would like to continue the theme of featuring some interesting bloggers found on the Directory of Australian Edubloggers - all people who are developing and sharing resources, teachers who want schools to be better places, possibly more exciting, but in any case more effective. As I write these posts I have the voices of the naysayers in my head, people who think that blogging is just a fad, that it's an optional add-on that certain people may choose to engage with, but that it's outside the real purpose of education. This is something I don't believe. Students are going to be creating a digital identity as one of their social identities and it is up to teachers and parents, in their wisdom, to help guide these young people.

Anyway, end of rant. Here are some more fantastic educators that you may want to follow and learn from.

Fiona Banjer, who writes Mrs B's Professional Dialogue with Herself, is "passionate about the value of providing www and Web2.0 applications into learning experiences." She has a website where she keeps resources as well as tips for using Interactive Whiteboards.

Jess McCulloch maintains Technolote which is "about integrating more ICT into the language classroom (namely Web 2.0 spplications), but also about language teaching and learning in general." Her articles are thoughtful, well written and informative.

John Larkin is a "teacher of History at St Joseph's Catholic High School, Albion Park, NSW", who has "been working with technology in education for 15 years." He writes TeachTech which is full of interest and resources.

And then there is Sue Tapp, a friend through blogging who blogs at And another thing. She is "a teacher of English in a government High School in Victoria. I am attempting to integrate Web 2.0 in my classroom and to develop a better understanding of the pedagogy and the technology." Sue recently tried out Voicethread to great effect here.

At Wax Lyrical, a beautiful name for a blog, we find Kate Quinn, who "research(es) blogs and online learning. By day (she is) an e-learning administrator in Perth."

And Russel Mongomery who blogs at Braindump, teaches middle school maths in Perth, Western Australia. In his own words: "I am a disruptive innovator and at the moment I am a digital pioneer (warrior/champion/fool) at my school." As a pioneer and friend on twitter he is a most inspiring person and because of him and others like him the world is a better place. I dedicate this blog entry to him.


  1. Thanks so much Jo

    Your words of affirmation are a wonderful boost. I really appreciate the work you do and the support that you provide your peers.

    Many many thanks.


  2. Hi Jo,
    Thank you for mentioning me in this post - it put a big grin on my face for the day! :-)


  3. And thanks from me too Jo!

    It is wonderful to have a fellow educator sharing in my online world when so many othere choose to ignore what is developing beneath their fingertips. There is a world of new experiences on offer and it is such a pity that firewalls, inefficient machinery or attitude are preventing learning experiences from entering the 21st century.