Thursday, October 04, 2007

A lot of social networking

There has been so much happening in the edublogosphere lately. At one stage I was beginning to think I was nocturnal as there were so many social educational activities happening using the new Google Presentations and Ustream TV . And now through Twitter (and a discussion through Will Richardson's inaugural broadcast) I have found a new podcast from Technolote. She says "I teach Chinese at a small country school here in South West Victoria. I am interested in integrating more technology into language classrooms." And I did really enjoy listening to her discussion of global collaboration. Her fresh and interesting voice is inspiring to listen to and I am already a fan.


  1. Yes I am beginning to feel like 24 hrs a day to keep up with all the cool stuff and these time zones are killing me -- can't remember if it is yesterday or today.


  2. I sometimes wonder if it's worth chasing after the newest thing on the internet or if we should concentrating our efforts on teaching students how to create and analyze media which has remained a constant over the past century and likely will remain a constant even as students view media on smaller and smaller devices.

    The tools for filmmaking in the classroom are also getting easier and easier for teachers and students.

  3. There is indeed a wealth on online educational content! One Economy Corporation has a similar vision of bringing resources to low-income families via the web. One Economy's own and The offer online educational links and resources to supplement what students are learning in the classroom. Please check out and for more information.

  4. Technology offers so much for students and teachers in and out of the classroom. If you are in NYC, there is a great media technology and education event happening in April, 2008 called Podcamp NYC ( Podcamp NYC brings a bunch of these ideas and programs together to help educators and parents access them.

    Another resource out there in NYC (though expanding soon) is which makes it possible for parents and educators find education programs or tools in their communities.