Wednesday, October 17, 2007

commenting community

So much happening, so little time to blog. Feeling guilty about not blogging at times. Not that I should blog, but that it’s a missed opportunity to articulate some learning and strengthen it, to give back to the community of edubloggers, to discipline myself to reflect. But even so. I heard someone once talk about his blog as his outboard brain (was it Doug Johnson?) If that analogy is extended, what would twitter be? The connection between my huge outboard brain (all the edubloggers I follow and learn from) and twitter being always open means that I have more connection to my “brain”. I have to think about that some more.

In the meantime more blogging (and learning) has been happening around me. I have been called into other teachers’ classes to help them set up blogs and sometimes they just take off. It is so inspiring to see students who love writing and communicating. I would like to have other bloggers comment on these new students especially Tegan, who has given her blog such a cute name Tegan’s Learning to Blog: show some love. I do so much appreciate teachers who ask their students to look at other students and hopefully make some connections through comments, and thereby build some global understanding. So thank you all.

Update: thanks to Graham, I found that the "outboard brain" idea comes from D'Arcy Norman. Thanks Graham.


  1. I first encountered the term "outboard brain" on D'Arcy Norman's blog and this is backed up by Christopher D. Sessums (about half way through the post). Yes, even an outboard brain needs a break every now and then.

  2. Hi Jo, I found these fantastic links and thought of you right away - check them out!
    Why let our students blog?
    The Soul Food Cafe
    Couldn't resist passing these gems on!

  3. As a student I learn more by blogging. Plus I get to see and read what my other classmates think. I love it!

  4. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Hi, This is my first day ever at blogging. I read you article in"The Australian Teacher" and I am at alosse end today. Have read your Blog and have even sent a comment to two randomly selected students that were linked to your site. Hope they get a thrill out of receiving a comment from and unknown person. Thanks for all the information that I have gained today. Suzanne