Thursday, September 06, 2007

One way to really engage students

I just read this great post on teaching and learning by Science teacher Yvonne Sanders called iTeach - iLearn. She is reflecting on a series of lessons where the students are learning by being given the challenge to teach their Year 8 classmates as part of the unit. And by the sounds of it they were. And it makes sense. We know as teachers that if you want to learn something new the best way is to research it knowing you will be teaching it. This sharpens the mind considerably, and just think of the engagement for the students knowing they have an authentic audience in their peers. And so Yvonne's question became "why not?" She reflects on her conclusions about her students: "Not to underestimate them. Always engage them. Include them in planning." Makes sense to me. Please read the whole post. It is inspiring.


  1. Hi Jo, thank you so much for your lovely comments and wonderful support. There have been a few comments posted to my page. They've been great. I'm surprised and heartened by the interest! Really, we're taking the lead from our students, who ultimately direct us, rather than the other way's all about their needs. So the accolade belongs to them. I'm really interested in taking the next step of setting up a classroom blog for them. I think this would be a fantastic avenue for their own reflection and sharing. I suggested it to them today. They loved the you'll be hearing from me!

  2. Joy, thanks for sharing this fantastic story. So many of our conversations in education are concerning WHAT we teach rather than WHO we teach. When plan engaging, authentic opportunities like this amazing teacher did, the WHO becomes the priority. Very inspiring!