Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Blogging and identity

I’m learning a lot about blogging with students now that I have my Year 11s blogging. They are 16 to 17 years old and it is the first time I have blogged with students in VCE. Blogging in the classroom raises questions of identity with these students in an obvious way and they don’t mind talking about it. New blogger Zoe called her blog “MySpace is better” and Sophie comes out with
“how can we not sound corny on this thing”
And then there’s Katie whose tongue-in-cheek entry says it all really. I just hope the international audience gets what’s going on here. I know where she’s coming from. It’s about revisioning oneself as a different person. I had to do that when I started blogging and I was also conscious of what I was doing; for my tagline I put “constructing an identity in the blogosphere while reflecting on teaching, learning and technology”. Learning is always about identity – we have to give up a view of ourselves as someone who’s not this sort of person and embrace ourselves as someone different.


  1. That's really interesting, although I think it's the same as life, really --we choose what we reveal to others and what sort of images we associate ourselves with, and creating an identity that will never be exactly like the one we have in our head. =]

  2. Many want to present a different identity from their real one. Maybe this is why blogging, IM, MySpace, etc. has become so popular. We are are able to present ourselves as we want to be seen and not as we really are????

  3. Hi Jo, this is great. I've enjoyed reading this site and the work of your Year 11 bloggers. It's prompted me to do some further exploration of the endless boundaries of the blogosphere and its offerings, especially in relation to writing and recording events in our lives. Check out this website: http://www.breakingbarriers.org.uk/
    about digital storytelling! CYA