Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Year 11 Blogs

Just a short update. I had another go at setting the Year 11 English class up on blogs today and fortunately it worked. I was really pleased, especially at the excitement shown by the students. They have just started blogging and they are so ready to interact with other students around the world, so if anyone wants to comment please do. Not all of the students have written much yet but some have. I just love the title of Charlotte's blog "That's the spirit, one part brave, three parts fool". This class has lots of spirit and individuality. Amy has also started well and I get the sense that she will enjoy blogging. I hope we can get lots of interaction with other students and lots of expression of opinions and especially conversations. I have enjoyed blogging so much that I want my students to have the same sense of satisfaction and engagement. There are varied opinions in the class about the value of this adventure, and at the beginning it can seem difficult, I know. The students in this class are more senior at 16 -17 years than any others I have blogged with and it was interesting to note the difference between this class and the younger students. I found that while the younger ones were interested in their presentations and their writing, this class were mostly concerned with adding friends to their blogroll and commenting to each other. I felt this may have something to do with their MySpace experience, which the year 7s at 11 - 12 years hadn't had so much of. So click on them and see the potential there. Encourage them and keep coming back as they get better and better. I am so happy with Edublogs, and although I have had a bit of a look at 21 classes, I think I'll stick with Edublogs for now.


  1. Jo,

    I looked at a few of your students' blogs and will check out the rest later. (Amy C's had an error message) Is there any way to return to the front page from the individual blogs?

  2. how strange. I visited your students' blogs, left a comment in Amy's because I thought she'd made a great start, now I read here you had the same feeling.

  3. Yeah, there are 2 Amys. I have removed the link to the Amy that returned an error message (until I can find out how to fix it) and hopefully both Amys will take off in the end.

  4. I'll direct my Korean students (anglophones all) to your student blogs when school starts mid-August.

    Would you consider putting any of the trailblazing "natural" student bloggers on the "Individual Student Bloggers" section I added to the Support Classroom Blogging wiki?

    If we cater to those who take to it, and let them extend first to the experience we all have, I can't help but think they'll attract more of the rest of the students to give a second thought to blogging's value.

    It's one of the few instances when I do believe in "special treatment" for the most "blog-gifted" students.

    Glad edublogs is working for you. (So sts are using edublogs instead of learnerblogs?)