Sunday, August 26, 2007

the writers group initiates poetry

I just wanted to feature this poem by Miranda, one of my Year 9 English students and member of the Writers Group here at school. We meet fortnightly and each meeting we set ourselves a challenge to write something on a theme or topic. One meeting we said we would write about "time" and for next meeting we will write about "heoes anD/or villains". Last meeting it was something about the letter "S". Many of the students as well as the two teachers who attended wrote something, as did Miranda. Go on and give her some encouragement if you like it. I think it's fantastic.


Sometimes, you think everything can be explained by a colour.

Sensations provoke feelings,
– still feelings.
Synaesthetic-like connections are all very well
— see the way they come together? distorted and colourful and
so very not true.
Still, we pour out our hearts and our heads through our
sugar-coated words and slippery tongues.
Stunted longing; we will never discover the depths of our own loneliness,
spare me the politics.
stained with a need. for another friend,
Security, wrapped in your own
spaced-out head, can only protect you for so long.
Suffocating in the depths of the solace,
stars and stripes and
serendipity, synchronicity, sweetest
Seclusion can be nice, but it needs too many
sagacious words // when you can’t get them out.
staring in the mirror, seeing
Silly little girl, can’t you see yourself? [[reflected]] Pretentious and
sashaying;; stripping away the piece((s)) you don’t like; can’t
stand to see staring back.
Strut around and forget yourself, when you’re
singing for the crowd.
sleeping dreams of
staying safe.
Spiralling thoughts,
sinews of what you’d be with
seeking the thought of what you could taste
Softly cradled in your

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