Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Web 2.0 Pedagogies

Today, I held a web 2.0 pedagogy workshop at my school. It was great. About 12 people showed and there are three new bloggers now, Debbie and Laura (maths teachers) and Yvonne (a science teacher). Others there took notes and will look into it further. Teachers of LOTE (Languages others than English) are planning to set up a collaboration between schools in Australia, Austria and Sweden who are all studying French. I'm looking forward to hearing more about that. I started the session by showing Darren Draper's Pay Attention video, and then showed Bernie's new blog and the conversation generated by his first post, contributed to by Dianne Cordell from the US, Clay Burell from Korea, Sue Tapp from Melbourne, and Paul Harrington from Wales, among others. His class's blog also got an airing and the freshness of this was remarkable. I showed some podcasts, del.icio.us and bloglines as well (and the Support Blogging wiki), before a few started making their own blogs on Edublogs. I think a key point for the good atmosphere was the refreshments at the end of the long day and I have hopes that these bloggers will be stayers and well worth a read.


  1. Hi Jo, I see you visited my blogspot...what a great network...and thanks for yesterday's PD...we should do more. Actually, I brought a list of questions for you, but another time. After the PD I followed your instructions re: making an edublog account, and now have two blogspots...not sure about that, but I'll see how it goes...the second one is at http://sandcastle.edublogs.org/ Catch you soon!

  2. Hi Jo Sounds like you did a great job. I hope to do something similar soon. Looking forward to seeing you at the inservice on the 30th. I am actually getting a better hang of blogging this time and am loving reading all your thoughts and suggestions. Keep up the fabbo work!

  3. Sounds like a great session. I've had a lot of success with wikis - for some reason, many of our teachers are more open to using wikis than they are to using blogs.

    Thanks for sharing,


  4. Hi Jo, You seem to have had a very productive day, it sounds excellent... wish I had been there (lol), I guess we were in a virtual capacity. It looks like you have a very productive group here :)

  5. laura parkin10:24 am

    Hi Jo,
    thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge at the workshop. It was very interesting and so inspiring.

    I hope that my students find my title inspiring. I'm looking forward to starting with my Year 7's.

    Thanks again.

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