Sunday, August 12, 2007

Team Teaching

Tomorrow I'll be meeting a new student teacher, who will be teaching with me for three weeks. I am looking forward to that as it is one way of opening my classroom a bit more. I am hoping that she will choose to teach either the Year 11 English, Year 11 Literature and / or Year 9 English. There are lots of good things happening there that she could have a go with. Also on Monday I'll have Michael come in for my Year 11 English class to observe my teaching and then we will debrief about both observed classes. And finally on Tuesday I will be team teaching with Bernie while he sets up his class with blogs. We will be going with Edublogs (rather than Learnerblogs as there are occasional problems with the latter.) This is the third time that Bernie's class will have tried to set up blogs so I hope it works. We are lucky enough to have an ActivBoard in the computer lab so that I can demonstrate before we try. I will feel quite vindicated if blogging works in another classroom but mine, as so far I am the only one game enough to do it.

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