Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Podcasts and Blogs

The year 7 podcast is being developed. It is still in the very early formative stage, but there are students who are writing scripts, starting to record and thinking about audience. I have not come across many podcasts by secondary students in my travels around the internet, but I would like to hear more examples. In the meantime one of the students has designed a logo and another student and her band are composing and recording some introductory music. In Year 11 Jess is excited about the writing and comment interaction possibility on her blog.
Today I spent some time writing a brief case study on blogging from my experience over the last two years for a new book on technology in primary and secondary schools. I find myself continually thinking about what will inspire students to give their school related activities more effort because I know they will be rewarded when they see the outcome. And then today finding some of the students inspired. At this time of the year students are engaged in subject selection for next year. Some Year Nine students I spoke to are thinking about their post school future and what changes they need to make now in order to get there. I find that inspiring. And Zoe is blogging again.


  1. Can barely wait to hear their voices! Do blog about their blogs so I can subscribe then when they are ready....

  2. Jo,

    Last spring I taught a secondary English course focused on podcasting to 9th and 10th graders (14-16 years old in the US). Here's some of our public work.

    I am working on a behind-the-scenes explanation of the rationales for the projects--it's based a lot on New Literacies by Lankshear and Knobel and Convergence Culture by Henry Jenkins.

    I should be teaching it again in Fall along with a course on fanfiction.
    Chris S.