Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finding student bloggers to interact with

I was pleased to get an email/comment the other day from Clay Burell about student bloggers for my students to interact with. He mentioned that there is a place on the Support Blogging website (this I had already found) which is a collection of good individual student writers who have taken to blogging. Presently there are students from Korea, New Zealand and Australia and I’m sure that more will come. This is a place for student bloggers to form their own networks. They are listed by blog name (or student name), country and year level. It is a great idea, added by Clay to the site. In the notes to the addition he says, “Added individual student bloggers from my classrooms so other serious young blog-writers can "connect" to them. Entire class links are too hit-and-miss, since many/most students are unmotivated." And when I was checking my year 9 student blog page the other day I found a comment by Hamish from New Zealand who mentioned that he and some of his class members (Laura and Jayden) were among the blogs that I had listed for my students to look at and asked for comments from my students. I applaud this sort of initiative as it is how nurturing networks form, and I too encourage you to go over and look at some great student bloggers.Just noticed that Clay has a post on the student bloggers as well. Obviously great minds think alike. He mentions that it is hard to tell what age groups the students belong to (as it is just the year level that is mentioned which may differ from country to country) and so I guess it would be ok to add the age range for that year level. Fabulous to see the way this grows, slowly but surely.


  1. You go, girl :)

    It is fabulous. Leading from the trenches.

    Did you see Scott McLeod's offer to create a LearnerTalk of student edubloggers? A different animal altogether. Wouldn't it be great for students to blog as people sometimes, hanging out with us and reflecting with us too?

    Thanks for helping this move. Slow and sure, as you say :)

  2. Jo,

    You and Clay are making it easy for me to formulate a game plan for my fall Current Events class.

    Maybe I need to expand my horizons and try to get our English department on board with this. If my students and I do collaborate on a letter to parents re. blogging, when I ask for administrative approval, I'll see if my superintendent wants to send it to all Middle School/High School parents and/or include it in our district newsletter.


  3. Jo
    Thanks for finding us and leaving the great comments on my students' work.
    You will probably find more comments left for your students after this success in getting some 'outside' response. This is what my students need in order to keep them motivated to continue writing posts for their blogs.
    It appears that blogs among this age group are quite rare in the southern hemisphere.
    Let me know when your Year 7s are blogging.