Thursday, August 16, 2007


I am pretty impressed with this blogging caper. Some people think I'm obsessed but luckily all of you my readers know, this is not obsession, unless one could say that breathing is an obsession. I just want to introduce a new edublogger, a colleague of mine who has started his own professional blog. His class have just started and he sees the enthusiasm and the reason for doing it and now he has started. I told him today that starting a new blog was a bit like looking after a new baby at the beginning. One tends it, and nurtures it, does the small daily jobs like checking for comments and replying, like linking to others and following links, and joining in the conversation whenever you can. After a while the blog can stand on its own but still needs regular attention. Really it is community and relationship building that is happening and the momentum and joy of it will carry you along once it's there. Anyway, I just wanted to note this start.

I am also looking forward to presenting a workshop to teachers in my school on Monday. And then I have been asked to present on blogging at a conference that is totally outside my experience, although they are still educators - teachers of Home Economics and Textiles - later in the year. It seems like progress.


  1. Hi Jo, I'm planning on undertaking a Dip Ed next year. I have found your blog an inspiration - it makes me daydream about blogging with students and harnessing all kinds of 'web 2.0' technologies in the classroom.

    I've also noticed that you teach in the same area I grew up in.

  2. I find it hard to believe Jo they are use the terms obsessive - they obviously have not meet me :). But lets both agree it can be a bit.


  3. Hi Jo, I've been doing my homework in anticipation of Monday's PD. I've somehow managed to set up my own web page and am very keen to learn more about this exciting venture. As I've already told you, it will be an avenue for posting some of my artwork (albeit a bit amateur at the moment...but all fun!). Also looking forward to an unfolding array of communication/learning opportunities that I can foresee for teachers and our students. See you Monday!
    PS That's me...sandcastle!

  4. Hi Jo, thanks for the gathering today, your enthusiasm and instruction...refreshing and enlightening. Now on Blogger-L-plate!