Sunday, July 29, 2007

Why blog with students? It's to do with student voices

Just catching up with a few things on the ol' aggregator as it is the weekend and found two things I just absolutely loved. One is Rachel Boyd's video on why blog with students: Its just great. Thanks Rachel for making and sharing it.

The other is a podcast of an episode of Teachers Teaching Teachers where some of the teachers interview first s student in Lee Babar's class Grade 8 class, and then a Year 12 student from Jason Hando's class in Australia. It was fantastic to hear two such thoughtful student voices share with us what we need to know, and so great that it was able to be published and available for all of us.


  1. Hi Jo,

    Thanks for the mention of the video. It seems like such a long time since I made it and I am amazed at the places it keeps coming up... that's the beauty of the 'blogosphere' I guess.

    My other video I've made that would have to be one of my favourites is where I interviewed some of my 6 & 7 year olds in my class on what was a blog and why they loved using them, it's the second video on this post:

    Cheers, Rachel, NZ

  2. Would this help?