Thursday, July 12, 2007

Meeting old friends for the first time

What a great holiday it’s been for me. There was all the content coming out of NECC just in time for me to enjoy at my leisure, and then the WOW conversation with lots of lovely educators on Edtech and today meeting Julie Lindsay for the first time. We met at Knox City and had a coffee and talked and laughed and shared reminiscences. It felt as though I had known her for years. Due to the presence of Julie’s Generation Millennial daughter it even occurred to me to take photos and a short recording of our time together late in the conversation. Still working out how to get the sound off my phone onto my computer, (my millennial son is away for a few days) but here are the photos for a start. As it is time for me to start thinking about next year I picked Julie’s brains about starting a collaborative wiki project and other interesting things that I need to think about. It is a sort of plan to create something of use, something students will be proud of in a collaborative way in one of my classes. Julie suggested the Global Educators Ning started by Lucy Gray as a way of getting in touch with other educators willing to collaborate on such a project as well as other ways of course. Lots of ideas that are still milling around in my brain which will no doubt find their way onto this blog in time.

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