Saturday, July 28, 2007

Global Collaboration

I have recently started to put into action what I thought of about Global Collaboration through blogs and wikis. But it’s harder than I thought when you’re trying to start in July (as northern hemisphere schools are not in!) I put out a call on Twitter and Lisa Durff (webcaster extraordinaire) offered to collaborate in late August, an offer which I will take up. I found Clay Burrell’s wiki Thousand and One Flat World Tales project, a writing workshop between students of Korea International School (KIS) in Seoul, South Korea, Punahou High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, and Arapahoe High School in Littleton, Colorado. It looks awesome. I read Kim Cofino’s tips for creating a Global Classroom - also very helpful. I am also totally enjoying Ning, particularly Classroom 2.0 and Global Education. Anyway, what I am looking for are classes who are blogging now, in Australia or internationally, or who will blog in the future.

My three classes who blog are Year 7 (about 12 years old), Year 9 (about 14-15 years old) and Year 11 (about 16-17 years old – second last year of high school.) I don’t mind waiting till you’re back at school if you are in the northern hemisphere, or even making plans for 2008 if we can’t do it this year. I am an English teacher and we blog in English. I would love to collaborate on writing or literature type projects. Please contact me or leave a comment.


  1. What an excellent idea Jo! I would really like to encourage my Year 7 students to blog. We've dabbled a little bit with a class blog, have been involved in a couple of neat collaborative projects and we really love wikispaces. I would also love the chance to work on a project with you! So if you think we'd be ok to collaborate with at some stage, please contact us!

  2. Hi Jo,

    We (year 2/3 class - 6 & 7 year olds) would be interested in a possible collaboration. Let me know if you have anything in mind!

    :) Rachel, NZ

  3. Jo, would you believe that I was contemplating a post like this as well but thought better of it. Now I can only hope that there are enough connected classrooms to go around!! On Monday, our upper primary team starts co-planning an integrated unit with the theme of Communication (one of SA's five essential learnings) and I have already sounded out a blogging colleague in Alaska for a collaborative project. My issue is now if everyone else likes what I want to do there, how do I find three other globally scattered but willing classrooms to work with the other classes in my school? I still might post but don't want to look like a copycat!! What idea will drive your collaborative projects?

  4. Jo,

    Anthony, at the Paradigm Shift
    is coordinating a collaborative ning for a cooperative learning project.

    My students won't be back in school until early September, but maybe we could link with you then. Or you could advise about what does and doesn't work in such a project.

    We've got New York, New Jersey, and Korea so far - Australia would be a cool addition! Come learn with us.


  5. Graham, hi. I'm sorry! ;) I guess great minds think alike. I am sure that this movement for global collaboration will only increase. Please write your blog post (and link to mine) I would love to read it.

  6. Jo, I am NOT a webcaster extraordinaire, but thank you. I haven't even graduated from webcastacademy and truth be told, Rachel is surpassing anything I could ever do.

  7. Jo,

    My grade eights (13-14 years old) will be blogging about social justice and human rights (individual projects). Would you be interested in collaborating?

    What about literature? What are you planning on reading with this age group this year?

    Let me know.

  8. Hi Konrad, I love that idea about human rights and social justice. Maybe I could give my students a similar prompt and they could read each others and comment on their ideas. Do you have other ideas? Please email me and we'll keep talking

  9. Hello,
    I would be really intersted in working on a collaborative project with you. I am currently going into my internship in September. I will be teaching a grade 7 class. I have been looking at different ways to engage my students in learning, and the collaborative project that you are talking about would be a great way to get my students involved with learning online. I would really like to hear more about what you would like to do for a project, and if you would be interested on taking our class on board. Please let me know if this is something that would work for you.
    Thanks Erin Dawson
    Saskatchewan, Canada

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