Monday, June 11, 2007

Doings in the edublogosphere

You can tell it’s holidays in the other side of the blogosphere. There are people travelling, through words, or in cars, exploring their own country or other countries. There are people being creative and reflective. There are people enjoying summer and growing up. But here in Oz, it’s still work time for another few weeks and, not that we’re complaining, it’s raining and cold. We need the rain, perhaps just not so much all at once. It’s good to be inside, warm and marking papers, boxes of them and exams, reams of them and getting up to date on our record keeping. I shouldn’t say it but, columns of them. Still, there is time to explore the doings in the edublogosphere, and through Twitter I found Facebook, joined and found all sorts of friends on there as well as two family members. Found Judy O’Connell and lots of others. It feels like home. There's lots more I want to write but it will have to wait till another time.
I’m ‘Jo McLeay’ at FaceBook - add me as a friend!


  1. I just have to take a couple of minutes break from my mid-year report writing to leave you a comment. It is noticeable that the edublogosphere has changed pace, which maybe tells me how dominated my Bloglines is with Northern hemisphere voices! Interestingly, this is when all the big US conferences gear up, which goes to show that teachers worldwide give up their own time to improve their learning. I just find it frustrating to have my writing tied into reports when I have a few ideas floating in the back space of my brain waiting to be teased out in writing. Not sure if I want to wade into FaceBook however - I'm busy with OggyMoshi!

  2. Hi Jo,

    Just found your blog after a little cunning searching.

    I wonder if we have friends in common???


  3. I have recently just joined Facebook too - finally after I got my 4th request from friends.

    I'd agree that it's amazing who you can find on there! I've hooked back up with some friends from primary school when I lived in Sydney over 10 years ago!

    I must admit my Australian friends are more "hooked in" to Facebook than my NZ friends ;)

    We are on holidays over here in NZ for 2 weeks so I am enjoying some relaxing and catching up time before Term 3 starts.

    Cheers, Rachel, NZ

  4. Hiya Rachel, great to meet you on my blog. I am 80% addicted too. My son just told me that you can tell you're 100% if you have to do a test to find out. But then he's 16 and too cool for blogs