Thursday, April 26, 2007

On the way to China

I have stopped here in Hong Kong for a few hours to wait for connecting flight to Guangzhou and thought I'd keep in touch with my online world. And how important that's become to me just recently. I think it's Twitter that's done it. It's so lovely to hear what Judy O'Connell is up to as well as hearing how Vicki Davis has celebrated her birthday and what everyone else is doing. The travel, the work, the fun, the family life, the frustrations, the conferences, it's all there, a slice of many lives. I'm really looking forward to spending a long weekend with other educators at the workshop I am attending, talking about what makes learning come alive, people from all over the Asia Pacific region, people who have the students at the centre of the educational experience. I want to process it a bit as it happens so I want to record my reflections in the hope of posting them as podcasts and perhaps interview some teachers if that happens to work out as well. I am inspired by others who have done similar things, so we'll see how we go. Till next time.

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