Friday, April 13, 2007

Cybercompliments on the Horizon Project

Today, being a Friday in April is Cybercompliment Day, and I want to thank the bloggers that I have met in the last nearly two years of this excellent adventure. In particular I want to thank Vicki Davis and Horizon Project. Like the Flat Classroom Project this involves students, this time 60 students in five countries, working together to look into the future of education based upon the Horizon Project Report 2007 Edition by the New Media Consortium and Educause (pdf). They will be “researching the trends AND experiencing the trends in this form of wiki-centric, web 2 enabled scholarship.” I congratulate these two bloggers especially, because I know how much work they put into the first project and how much they have learnt from the experience. Instead of just sitting back now though, they have envisioned an even bigger project that will truly contribute to the knowledge of the digital world and the future of education. As one of the participants in the Flat Classroom project I know also how much I learnt from the experience and I am glad to be involved in this one. As always, it is not the technology but the collaboration, and not the number of participants but the fact that it is global in its reach. I also want to thank Jen Wagner for initiating the Cybercompliment Days which are stirring the air a bit in Technorati. A bit of civility adds to the joy of learning, I think.
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  1. Anonymous11:28 pm

    and a compliment back to you!!

    I enjoy your gentle spirit and calmness that is displayed in both your work and on your blog.

    Thanks for making my morning!!
    Enjoy your day!
    Jennifer W

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness. You didn't mention the great amount of time it took you to contribute to the first one as well! Thank you for your ongoing advice!