Sunday, March 25, 2007

Students blogging again!

Rather late after the start of the year (about seven weeks in) I have started my new year nine class with their own blogs. They have only just started but already they get it. I was so impressed when one of the students entitled her blog “Warning: readers will get hooked”. As at the start of every blogging adventure I feel nervous and have some excited anticipation regarding the project. My reason for wanting to blog is the conversations they can have with people around the world and I am hoping that Clarence Fisher’s class will be able to join in. Of course, in only a week we go on first term holidays for two weeks, which is not great timing but we’ll cope with it. Have a look at those that are up there and maybe leave a comment or two if you like and we’ll see what happens.

1 comment:

  1. Jo, I have tried to comment on all the student blogs (I hope I didn't miss any!), but the links for two of them didn't take me to the blogs. It was both Chloes. One of them took me to a page to set up a blog. I don't remember what the other one told me. Just thought you would like to know.