Monday, January 08, 2007

Survey of educational bloggers

Scott McLeod of Dangerously Irrelevant has put up a survey on his blog. He would like us all to fill it in:
"All education bloggers are hereby invited and encouraged to...
1. complete the short and completely unscientific, but hopefully interesting, education blogosphere survey;
2. forward the URL of said survey to all other known education bloggers to ensure decent representation of the education blogosphere; and
3. publicize said survey URL on their own blogs to foster greater participation in this most noble endeavor.
Survey results received by Sunday, January 14, shall be posted in the town square (Scott's blog) on Wednesday, January 17."
When asked why he said:
"It just seemed to me that some folks have been blogging lately about 'A-list' bloggers, motivations for edublogging, etc., so I thought I'd throw out some questions that were floating around in my head (plus a couple I thought might be fun)."
I thought I'd like to know what people were thinking too (although I don't think much of the term "A-list bloggers") and I found that I enjoyed filling out the questionnaire so it might be good to see what's out there and have a go.

On a similar topic, I remembered Christopher Sessums doing a blogging questionnaire back in April so I looked up his reults here. His post is very thoughtful and worth a read. What I liked was his conclusion, based on the responses he got:
"Blogging is not for the impatient educator. It requires patience and thoughtfulness wherein time and effort is needed to make lessons and assignments develop appropriately."
It is for this reason - the patient reflectiveness required and the benefits it has for students - that blogging (both reading and writing them) is so important to me, not any question of popularity or hype, which is a distraction. I think that the benefits of blogging come from the willingness to reflect on ideas and discuss them in meaningful educative dialogue. I have missed many opportunities to blog just lately and I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of it. I found that doing the questionnaire actually made me reflect on what blogging meant to me and in this way I found it inspired me to get back into it.

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  1. Thanks for pointing me to this survey--I'm looking forward to seeing the results.